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Review: Hashnote – A Hashtag-Based Note App


Hashnote for Android is one of the simplest and most functional note taking apps available. Plus, it’s free.


This easy to use note taking app lets you use hashtag (#, popular on twitter) as well as referencing people through @ (also popular on twitter). For example, say you wanted to remind Amanda to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix. A note like that would look like the following:


Then, if you were to slide from the extreme left, you would see a handy bar showing a list of all the hashtags and mentions. Select either a hashtag or mention, and then Hashnote will filter only the notes with the highlighted keywords. You can highlight as many mentions and hashtags as you want, so in this scenario by selecting @Amanda and #Netflix, I would be able to see all the shows I suggested Amanda watch on Netflix. What other note taking app does that?


The power of hashnotes and mentions

The trick to well organized notes is to know when and when not to hashtag. You could hashtag every word, but then the nav bar on the side would become a mess. Use too few hashtags however, and you’ll have a hard time finding old notes. Being on the conservative side and only hashtagging important bits is generally the sweet spot.

Notes made simple, fast, easy

Check out their website for more images, and download their app on the Google Play Store.

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