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Review: iPod Touch 5th Generation



On September 2010, Apple released the iPod 4th generation which was only 7.22 mm and it was so thin that it looked like a toothpick. Just 2 years later, Apple released the iPod Touch 5th generation which have slimmed down and measures a mere 6.1 mm in thickness. It is about 10 percent lighter despite being integrated with a new 4-inch retina display. It is not only bigger and thinner, but it is also faster and has hugely improved cameras on the front and the rear. Is the iPod Touch 5th generation the best Apple iPod product for $299?



The 4th-generation iPod Touch had a curved and metallic back that looked totally enchanting when you take it out of the box. But, it instantly becomes a fingerprint and scratch collector after 1 hour. However, it’s shape felt really good in hand and it’s size and weight were minimally light compared to other products in the market. The 2 main elements for a top-grade device.

The 5th-generation iPod revamps the 4th-generation iPod in every aspect. As mentioned before, the 5th-Generation iPod is 6.1 mm thick. Compared to the 4th-generation iPod which measured 7.2 mm, the new iPod 5th-Generation is considerably thinner, fractionally narrower and massively taller. Storage capacities are now 32 and 64 Gigabytes at $299 and $399 respectively.



Gone is the mirrored, chrome back on the iPod 4th-generation, which is replaced by a matte aluminum shell available in your choice of six anodized colors. Black, Slate, Pink, Lime, and Blue which are shown in the above picture. There is a special Product Red color which is only available on the Apple store. The rim of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which still lives on the bottom, has moved to the left to match the placement on the iPhone 5.

The colors bathes a machined aluminum back that has a rather more square profile than the previous iPod touch, but it’s still decidedly more comfortable in the hand than the angular, industrial iPhone. The power/lock button still resides on the upper-right and the volume rocker on the left side of the iPod 5th-generation. On the bottom, next to the 3.55 mm headphone jack, is the all new Apple Lightning Connector which is encompassed by raw,uncolored aluminium. Five holes are drilled on the other side of the iPod which forms the speakers.


On the back, the Camera peeks out from the top-left as usual. But there are a number of things slightly different from the previous models. Firstly, the module on the camera is considerably larger now. Secondly, the camera portal is considerably larger in diameter too. Beside it is the microphone. Thirdly, the iPod 5th-generation has a newcomer. Besides the larger camera, it is now joined by a LED flash. It’s a 5-megapixel sensor this time with the same basic array of lenses and mechanics found in the iPhone 4S.


Across the top back, you will find a small back plastic patch which is also found on the iPad. Sure, you think it looks ugly, but it is actually the iPod’s dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n module which sends and receives its data. There’s Bluetooth 4.0 support in here too, as well as Nike+ connectivity, but sadly still no GPS.

iPodtouch5.101512.013 (1)

The most curious bit of connectivity is found at the bottom of the device. It’s a little brushed metal circle that, when pushed, pops out slightly. It’s here that you attach the little microfiber wrist strap that Apple includes with the device. But, it isn’t called a wrist strap. It’s “the loop” .

Finally, on the front, there is a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera peeking out up top. Down below, there’s the same subtly recessed home button. But between those two is the most improved feature of the iPod Touch 5th-generation. It is the…



The vertical increase of the iPod Touch 5th-generation is to only accommodate the all new 4-inch retina display that featured on the iPhone 5. Yes, this is the exact same panel as the iPhone, not a cut-rate version like the last iPod touch received. this is among the best panels on any mobile device. Brightness and contrast are top-notch and viewing angles are wide enough to ensure that you can enjoy everything from all sides.



While the iPod’s new 4-inch Retina display is most noticeable, It is the pair of new cameras that mark the biggest step from the previous iPod Touch. On the front, there is a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera which means it is able to click some good pictures even in middling light.

But it is the 5 MegaPixel shooter on the rear that is the star of the show. Well, it is not better than the 8 Megapixel camera on the iPhone 5 but the new iPod does match the performance of the iPhone 4S in most regards, which is to say it takes some great stills. The image quality of the pictures are light years better than the ones taken on the previous iPod.

It should also be noted that the iPod 5th-generation can now be able to capture compelling video at 1080p, though the video stabilization here doesn’t seem nearly as good as that on the iPhone 5. But overall video quality is more than acceptable.

Performance and Battery Life


The 5th-generation iPod Touch shows off an all new A5 processor. Because Apple is not quoting specs, thanks to benchmarking apps, we know it’s running at 800MHz and is paired with dual-core PowerVR graphics. So, just like the iPhone 4S that came before. The iPhone 5 leaves the new iPod in the dust in all regards, but it’s a massive leap beyond the old iPod.

Apple claims the new iPod touch as having the same music listening time as the previous generation (40 hours) and rates its video playback for an hour longer — eight versus seven. We’ve never had a complaint with the longevity of the fourth-gen iPod, so we expect this new model to live up to expectations.

The Verdict


As a very impressive upgrade, the Apple iPod Touch 5th-generation hits all the right aspects in all the right places. It’s thinner and lighter despite packing a bigger and (far) better screen. It’s faster despite having better battery life, its pair of cameras are markedly better than those found in the previous touch and its new matte aluminum exterior certainly seems like it will prove rather more durable in the long-run.

If you do not own any Apple devices or if you are considering an upgrade, it’s now or never.



The iPod Touch 5th-generation comes loaded with iOS 6 which features Siri, iCloud, Safari, and an all new Maps. But without GPS it has not much use. However, it must be noted that the 5th-generation iPod Touch can be upgraded to iOS 7.

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