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Sony PS Vita Firmware 2.12 Is Out!


Just recently, the Sony PS Vita 2.12 firmware was released, however it’s not a mandatory update. That means, you can update if you want, or don’t update.

As of now, it does not have any noticeable changes. Only a brief message which says “software stability has been improved” is shown on the changes list. Updates with this kind of message usually probably means that an exploit has been patched or something has been changed in the Playstation Network Store (PSN).

Hacking scene member ‘wololo’ has written an article on his website which says:

Scene member The Z was quick to test his port of VHBL (homebrew loader for the Vita running through the PSP emulator)  and confirmed it still works on firmware 2.12. On the video below, you can see him running Wagic (card game), gpsp (GBA emulator), snes9x (SNES emulator), PSP Filer (file manager) through VHBL.

As all of you can see from the post above, Wololo explains that all undisclosed hacks still work, Such as The Z’s exploit and no one has any idea what this update is all about.

Vita Firmware 2.12

(Credit: ‘The Z’)

But, many users have reported that many of their ongoing downloads from the Playstation store were getting paused when their Sony PS Vita gaming systems went into standby mode and Firmware Update 2.12 fixes this issue. But it still requires you to go to settings and disable the ‘Power-Saving’ Setting. Here is a picture of the update screen below:

Well, you can say that Sony has not been giving the Vita users any useful updates lately, but the Vita is a very powerful gaming handheld that is very much capable of giving us much more than that Sony is currently doing. But things might change after the release of the next-gen console and competitor of the new upcoming XBOX, the Sony PS4.

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