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Next version of Android will make life more difficult for root app developers


According to Chainfire, the developer of many root apps, rooting, and therefore using root apps may become a lot harder with the next version of Android. Here’s what seems to be the issue and what’s giving it away:

A recent commit to the AOSP master tree prevents the unconfined domain(everything you run through su by default) from executing files located on the /data partition.

So root apps won’t be able to work out of the box, unless their developers and the developers of apps like SuperUser and SuperSU will have to find a work-around, but even that may prove too difficult or not practical enough. What this means is either users will learn to get by without root access and root apps, or they’ll need to start demanding root access to their phones from OEMs.

What should not happen is for people to ask Google not to increase the security of Android, so they can continue to root Android devices. Android has already gotten a pretty bad name because it’s so popular and so many malware makers target it. If anything Google needs to dramatically increase the security of Android so there aren’t anymore security issues talked about in the press.

The solution to using root apps is really demanding root access from OEMs and to allow users to unlock their own bootloaders. It doesn’t have to happen from the device, or even from a PC app from the OEM. It can happen as an ADB command, which would also filter out people who don’t really know what they’re doing. At the same time, it would it should still be relatively easy for Android “geeks” who’ve been using root apps and custom ROMs all this time, to do it.

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