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Nexus 5 Rumor Wrap Up #1 – Who’s Making the Device


Rumors rumors everywhere, not a single truth we know. This is exactly what the next Google Nexus 5 is all about at the current stage. Its a new rumor every other day, news flying in from every source possible over the whole world-wide-web. So this is article is for the Nexus 5 fans, just like me, and I’ gonna present you all the news you need in a single place.

So here we’ll be discussing everything bout the device, from whose gonna manufacture it, whats gonna be the chip-set, different features of the device, to the speculated release date of the Android God Phone. Let begin this Amazing journey.

Who’s Making The Device

Since Google doesn’t manufacture its Nexus device itself, the first and foremost question is which company is gonna get the chance to support the Nexus 5. Nexus 4 was done my LG, Samsung did the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S, and HTC started this Legacy with the Nexus One. There were 3 contenders this time :

  1. LG – coz the Nexus 4 was a major Hit.
  2. Moto – coz its a Google company now.
  3. Sony – coz it never got a chance to make one.

Samsung and HTC are not under consideration as they already have Google Edition of their flagships, the Galaxy S4 and the HTC one, indulging into another Nexus wont make much of a difference to them.
So time to focus all our attention to each company, one at a time.


Now there are reasons people want the new Nexus by LG, as already mentioned Nexus 4 was a Hit, the build quality was amazing and the device was Big Time affordable. Another reason to add to the list is the innovative LG G2 on which the device is believed to be based on,  exactly like the Nexus 4 was undoubtedly based on the LG Optimus G.


But at the same time when Nexus enthusiasts were waiting to see the foundation phone, LG exec put all hopes down, saying company is not working on a follow-up to the uber affordable Nexus 4 handset.
Lastly the internet has been recently hit with a picture of an LG phone that is supposed to the be possible LG Nexus 5 Leak image, the device has the LG branding, but nothing related to the Google or Nexus.

But it does seem to be based on the LG G2 without the back buttons as predicted by many, and shows them on the left side of the device. The device seems to be nice, but doesn’t give me the Nexus Vibes (it has to be Awesome).


Moving on from LG to explore the other side; Moto is now a Google company, any device that comes from the Google house, should be from one of the family members.


And the biggest reason to assume its gonna be a Moto Nexus 5 is coz of the Google+ post by Taylor Wimberly, former editor for Android and Me and so far a great insider when it comes to the Moto X, “Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)”. This post was enough to turn all heads to Moto for making the Nexus.

But at the same time, after a long downfall Motorola has released its new flagship device, the Moto X, will it want to jeopardize its sales by releasing the Nexus 5 in a matter of few months.


My only reason to consider Sony as one of the contenders, is that it never got a chance to make one.


Sony is so far away from the stock Android experience, that Xperia interface doesn’t even seem Android.  Also, its true that we have never heard of any venture between the two, at least related to phone (the Google TV does come from Sony). There not even a scintilla of any Sony Nexus 5 rumor(the name doesn’t even sound good). Lets just say I simply ruling out Sony for the Nexus 5, and so is everyone else.

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