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Apple iPhone Stereo Headset with Mics and Remote


Apple‘s iPod headsets have always had an iconic design, and they basically popularized the white color on headsets, because when wearing white headsets, everyone knew you were listening to an Apple iPod. Others tried for many years to replicate that experience both on the outside (how they look) and on the inside (how they sound), but not with much success (Apple has recently changed the earbuds design for its iPhone 5 and the new iPods, but some people may still prefer the old design).


These Apple headphones replicas are some of the best that I’ve seen. First off, they look just like the Apple headphones, and second, they are very loud. Yet, despite how loud they can be, they’re still very clear, with no sign of noise, even with maximum volume (but don’t try that!).

They sound great for pretty much any type of music, and even have some bass, although you obviously can’t expect too much from this type of headphones, and they are also no $300 headphones either. But for everyone who isn’t an audiophile, they should get the job done very well.

These are just inexpensive earbuds that sound good for everyday music and radio listening, and because of how loud they can get, they work very well outside in a noisier environment, too.

The mic also works very well, and there’s also a small piece of plastic tied to the cables at the top, which you can slide up and down the cables, to get the mic closer to your mouth, for a clearer conversation. You can also change the volume of the music from the cable, or you can set your phone to change between songs when using them (depending on the music player app).


The earbuds themselves are round, so they fit well in the ears and don’t fall off, although after prolonged use (2 hours or more) your ears might state to hurt a little. But that’s true for pretty much any headsets that you keep on your head continuously, without taking them off.

The cables are not very long, but you don’t want it to be long when wearing it on you, with the phone in your pocket. They do keep getting entangled quite a bit, which is true of the real Apple headsets, too. However, it’s no major issue you can’t live with. Just fix them every now and then, when you’re putting them on again.

You can get this Apple iPhone stereo headset for about $25 right now, which I think is a good value not just for how they sound, but for how they look, too.

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