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Android Device Manager Gets Spotted on Some Devices


We recently got to know about how Google is trying to make Android a lot safer and helpful using Android Device Manager, which helps you to find your Android device, which is in the state of theft or any other.  Not only will the service provide you with an accurate location, but it will also allow you to remotely wipe your device and make the phone ring in case you lost it in your house or something similar. Of course, there might be some third-party apps out there in the play store, but an inclusion app in the stock system is far better.

Google originally stated that they will unveil the feature later this month, however, a Reddit user has reported that the service has somehow been pushed to his device a little early. But soon after further investigation it does revealed out that it got onto some other devices too. To be exact, this is not the actual service, instead it’s option in the settings menu for the service.

Because of the service being not officially available, we might see just a glimpse over the whole application, whereas the true potential might be very different from what it is. The setting has been popping up under Device Administrators in the Security portion of the device’s settings.

What is perhaps the good thing behind it is that it is open-to whole world, oppose to what can be said a US-Exclusive, so folks would get to know about the true potential of Google.

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