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Xbox One – What is Going On?

It seems that the closer we get to E3, the more rumors and facts that surround the Xbox One are discovered. And honestly, it’s not looking very well for Microsoft and their all-in-one gaming console, the Xbox One. This is what we know so far.

Xbox One

In order to play games, even single player games, you have to connect to the internet every 24-hours. This has been confirmed by both Polygon and Microsoft themselves. Every Xbox One game will be digitally installed into your Xbox One console, that is how they are going to work now. In order to make sure that you still own the licence to that game, Microsoft wants to run a test on the console every 24 hours, this is where the internet connection comes into play.

Although this won’t be a problem for most gamers, it could become a hassle to our men and women in the armed forces. They aren’t always privileged to internet, or video game, time.

The Kinect has an always on feature, meaning that if the Kinect isn’t connected the Xbox One won’t work. For many of us, this seems a bit big brother-ish. I wouldn’t want a camera constantly looking, and listening, to me at all times.


You won’t be able to lent, rent, trade, or sell games with the Xbox One. Because each individual game will be downloaded to one individual console, a gamer will not be able to borrow, lend, or buy used games. If a gamer wants to use a used game, or a borrowed game, on the Xbox One, they would have to pay a fee.

To make matters worse, Microsoft isn’t helping their situations.

A recent article by the SoftPedia states that, “Microsoft is allegedly paying many third-party publishers so that they won’t show off their PlayStation 4 games at E3 2013.” Microsoft is falling to new lows, how far are they going to go?

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