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Nvidia Tegra 4 Inside Project Shield Scores 32,000 in AnTuTu Benchmark


The Nvidia Tegra 4 chip is a powerful one, and as the AnTuTu benchmark for the Nvidia Project Shield shows it scored an impressive 32,000 score, which is one of the highest scores a mobile chip has obtained so far.

Nvidia Tegra 4 Wayne


Nvidia Tegra 4 phones aren’t available yet, and might never be available, considering they have the Nvidia Tegra 4i for that, which is based on ARM Cortex A9 CPU’s, not on ARM Cortex A15 like the Tegra 4 architecture, but we should be able to see some Tegra 4 tablets later this year, once we get a clear Tegra 4 release date.

The Nvidia Tegra 4 is nothing if not powerful. The Tegra 4 specs include a quad core 1.8 Ghz processor (where one of them goes up to 1.9 Ghz), another 5th ARM CortexA15 companion core, for power consumption purposes, and a 72 core GPU (the same Tegra 2/Tegra 3 architecture, though). What’s lacking in the Tegra 4 chip is really a new GPU architecture, but that’s coming in the Nvidia Tegra 5, next year.

But it seems powerful enough to beat any other mobile chip right now, although we don’t know yet how much more power it needs to sustain that kind of performance. Showing the maximum performance in benchmarks is one thing, but using it daily could be quite another.

Nvidia Project Shield


The Nvidia Project Shield, could be the best handheld gaming system released this year, and might edge out even the Sony PS Vita, at least if Nvidia is serious about making a lot of money with it, and it doesn’t want to just create reference hardware. The PS Vita costs only $250 right now, so they’ll need to beat that price.

It’s not a surprise that the Tegra 4 inside the Nvidia gaming console scores very well. After all, it doesn’t need to be very efficient, since it’s meant as a gaming console that you use mainly in your home. Still, this makes me hopeful about a possible¬†OUYA 2 or a Project Shield 2, that will arrive with the Nvidia Tegra 5 chip, with Kepler GPU and OpenGL 4.3. Until then you can get the much cheaper $99 OUYA.

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