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OUYA Slammed in Reviews. What OUYA 2 Needs to Succeed


It seems OUYA is a lot more disappointing than even I would have thought. It has many issues from slow performance, to poor quality build. Can OUYA recover, and what do they need for a OUYA 2 to be successful? Here are my top 5 strategies for OUYA 2 to storm the market.

OUYA is a Kickstarter project and meant as a low-end competitor to the upcoming Xbox One and Steam Box, that’s going to sell for $99. However, even the relatively decent OUYA specs and the low price may not matter much if the quality of the product itself is not that good. And the reviews coming out right now for it are bot looking too great. If OUYA survives as a company, this is what they need to do to succeed.

Top 5 Ouya 2 Strategies

1) Tegra 5 with Kepler-based GPU, OpenGL 4.3 support – no excuses. Then overclock it as much as possible. Either they use this in OUYA 2 or they’re dead as a company (if they even last until OUYA 2 that is). If they are only planning on using “last year’s chip” in 2014, which would be Tegra 4, just like they did this year with Tegra 3, then might as well start filing for the bankruptcy papers now.

2) Tegra Zone. From what I see don’t have Tegra Zone in there. They need to partner with Nvidia to let them use Tegra Zone, just like Nvidia has it on Project SHIELD.

3) $99 – console only. Sell the controller separately. They seem to suck at making controllers anyway.. So leave it an option to let users use other controllers. Plus, making $99 only the console, means higher profit, and maybe they can afford a current-gen chip like Tegra 5 next-year.

4) Higher quality materials. From the reviews it seems like they need it. Right now it seems to feel like a cheap Chinese box.

5) Great software. It seems they screwed up big time on the software side this year, by not finishing it and optimizing it for TV, and making it slow. They have a whole other year to get it right. They need to wait until Android 5.0 is released and base their code on that, and make sure everything works as it’s meant to on the TV.

The main thing is that if they aren’t going to bother using Tegra 5 next year, which has an actual PC GPU, with all the latest OpenGL API’s and CUDA 5.0 for physics, then they shouldn’t even bother trying anymore with OUYA 2. Anything less than that will fail to make anyone excited about OUYA anymore. Also try to get Tegra Zone from Nvidia. I feel that they really need it, plus a lot of other good games, too.

If you’re still looking into supporting the company to make it until that dream-like OUYA 2, then you should know that the OUYA release date for the public is sometime in June, so save your money now.

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