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Google Glass Could Be a Great Augmented Reality Device Thanks to Its Accurate Sensors


Google Glass has so many and so accurate sensors, that it could be easily used for augmented reality applications.

The Google Glass project hasn’t arrived in consumer-friendly version yet, but it’s been available to developers for a while, and some of them are now discovering all the sensors its has to make the data it gets very accurate. All these sensors could also be used for augmented reality apps, which need all sorts of accurate tracking to work properly.

Here is the code that hints at all the sensors being used:

  • MPL Gyroscope
  • MPL Accelerometer
  • MPL Magnetic Field
  • MPL Orientation
  • MPL Rotation Vector
  • MPL Linear Acceleration
  • MPL Gravity
  • LTR-506ALS Light sensor
  • Rotation Vector Sensor
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Linear Acceleration Sensor
  • Orientation Sensor
  • Corrected Gyroscope Sensor

Google didn’t intend Google Glasses to be used for augmented reality, because they probably wouldn’t be that good for it anyway. To take full advantage of AR, you need to see everything through a lens or lenses that show additional information on top. Google Glass is meant to be accessed for different types of applications. However, I’m sure there will be plenty of developers taking full advantage of these sensors, and will be making AR apps for it.

Google Glass Next Generation


But what Google Project Glass will be most useful for, will be for content “coming in” from the web, rather than from stuff you see, and then modifying that information in the glasses. Rumors are saying that future generations of Google Glass might be fully integrated within normal glasses, so it’s possible they will be doing more augmented reality stuff, and take full advantage of the Google Glass sensors.

To do that they will need to make the glass projector much thinner, to be fitted inside regular glasses lenses, and also try to make the battery smaller, or at least make it even on both sides, to look more like normal glasses. But this Google Glasses technology could be years away from being implemented. Hopefully, by then the Google Glass price will be a lot less than the $1,500 they are charging right now.

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