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Mozilla Previews Revamped Firefox for Android in the Latest Nightly


Well, the competition between browsers on Android platform is one of the most fierce. With the likes of UC Browser, Opera along with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it makes the competition heat up. So, moving to the main topic, Mozilla is bringing a revamped version of its Firefox web browser on Android. The company today released the nightly version of the retooled browser for testing and it is available via its website for download.

According to Lucas Rocha of Mozilla, his team is working to get the revamped features ready for release as a part of Firefox 26. Rocha claims the upcoming Firefox revamp is its biggest UI change since the first release back in June last year.

“We have completely redesigned and rewritten the Awesomescreen—where you search bookmarks and browsing history when you tap on the URL toolbar—and the Start Page—the one you see when you start the app. In terms of interaction, we’re essentially merging the Awesomescreen and the Start Page into a single UI with swipable pages,” he wrote in his blog.

The upcoming revamp makes the Mozilla much more  streamlined, cleaner, and lighter Firefox for Android and hope it makes a increase in traffic in the app.

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