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Become a Playstation Mobile Developer for Free!


Sony has just announced that you can get the Publisher’s license and you can become a Playstation Mobile developer for free! They have removed the fee of $99 which is absolutely great news!

To put it straight, Sony has made the Publisher’s license free, which means that you can now publish the application you made to the Playstation Store (PSN) without the hassle of paying 99 dollars. The developer’s license has always been free, what the developer’s license does is, that it allows you to create applications on your PC and test it on the simulator. The publisher’s license allows you to test the application on Playstation Certified devices too!

If you wish to register up to be a Playstation Mobile developer, you can sign up through this link here. The games on there are pretty high standard, but usually it’s about the gameplay not the graphics that count. A fun simple and entertaining game like Jetpack Joyride, or Canabalt, for example.

Would you become a Playstation Mobile developer for a fee of 99 dollars? Now ask yourself this, would you become a PSM developer for free? Exactly!


Usually, the Playstation Mobile Suite is not used for making high quality games and such. As I said before, people would be really interested in a game that would keep them entertained for a long amount of time. Just think of how many hours you have wasted on playing Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Or Jetpack Joyride?

People would spend money for such games. Such excellent games.

But, Many people do not think that it was the fee that put the developers away. You can read Wololo’s article about it here.

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