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Moto X Tablet : The Next Logical Step?


On a cold day back in December, the Wall Street Journal stormed the world with news that Google is partnering with Motorola to launch some next-gen phones with complete help from Google. Years after, yesterday we came to know about the new Moto-X packed with awesome range of specifications and optimizations. So what’s lies next in the store ? Perhaps the Moto X Tablet!

As per the report, the rumor was Google was helping Motorola with two amazing device: Moto X phone and Moto X Tablet, both being developed under Google. The Moto X phone had already developed, but now I thinking about the second big-device, the Moto X Tablet.

Motorola hasn’t been much good in the tablet sector, with devices like Motorola Xoom being an immediate fail, so it would be interesting to watch how Motorola performs with Moto X Tablet.

The rumor talked about “evolutionary” features, great battery life, and new designs like a ceramic back, and true to his word much of his words are true except ceramic, which in turn displaced with different customizable frames with different colors. That same leaker stated that the X-Phone was finished and in the final testing phase, and that work had already started on the X-Tablet. This is way back in December last year, so you can expect that it would be launched in a distant past.

Maybe Motorola and Google can play an smart move here, so let’s ‘wait and see’. Motorola can observe how the Moto X performs in the market and based on the results, they can decide if they will go for another tablet device or not. If they really started the work on it back in December it would be expected that it will be in its final stage by these months and we will see a brand new Moto X Tablet soon.

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