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Microsoft’s Changes to the Xbox One

Since the Xbox One‘s release there has been a lot of talk on Microsoft’s next gen console. Some of it was good, most of it was bad, but, is Microsoft listening to it’s critics or trying to do some damage control?

To say that Microsoft has done some minor changes to the Xbox One is an understatement. Since the Xbox One was announced in May  things have changed. What started as “no used games” policies quickly changed to “used games allowed,” and the always online connection for playing games, which received a lot of backlash, was dismissed as well. Their last big change were their DRM policies.


But, now Xbox One‘s newest change comes in the form of the new Xbox Kinect. The Kinect no longer needs to be connected at all times, as it was introduced in the first place. Xbox One‘s Kinect will still be included with every Xbox One, as well as an Xbox One headset, but it doesn’t have to be connected at all times in order for the Xbox One to work. It will, however, need to be connected when the player wants to play a game that requires the Kinect.

There was a lot of talk on how much privacy the user would have when the Xbox One is on, since the Kinect would be on as well. People aren’t very ecstatic with the fact that there will be a device that will be keeping an eye on you, possibly, at all times. They can now rest easy knowing that that will no longer be the case, since now they can simply unplug their Kinect when it is not necessary.

We agree that the Microsoft is making some great changes to their next generation console, but are they doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, or are they backpedaling after the massive amount of criticism they received from the beginning?

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