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Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Which Is More Popular?


Which console do people like most? The Microsoft Xbox One or the sony PS4? We are getting closer and closer to the beginning of E3. Many of us are waiting on the edge of our seats to know what Microsoft and Sony have in store for us. IGN, Imagine Game Networks, held a poll to try and figure out were gamer’s interest is, was it with the Xbox One or was it with the Sony PS4?

IGN took a few things into consideration: who had the best conference? Which controller you preferred? Which name you liked more? And which on was for each individual gamer. Over 310,397 gamers voted at IGN, and the results are in.

First was the conference category, there were 93,831 total votes. The Microsoft Xbox One received 21,866 votes, but, the SonyPS4 received a total 71,965! That means that more gamers believe that at this point Sony has the better console.

PS4 Rendition by Redditor  Albino-Zebra

PS4 Rendition by Redditor Albino-Zebra

The next category was the best controller, there were 67,878 total votes. The Xbox One‘s controller received a total of 30,672 votes, but again, the PS4 was victorious with a total of  37,206 votes .

PS4 Controller

Up next was the name. Gamers were asked which named they preferred, there were a total of 64,039 votes casted. The Xbox One only received 13,941 votes! Making Sony’s Playstation 4 the winner with 50,098, this is just based on the name. Things aren’t looking very good for Microsoft.

The last category was a personal choice. Did gamers prefer the Microsoft Xbox One or the Sony PS4? With a total of 84,649 votes, which system was the winner? Microsoft’s Xbox One received a total of 21,307 votes! Ouch! The Sony Playstation 4 became the winner again with a total of 63,342 votes!

Sony and their PS4 won all of the categories, making them IGN’s People’s Choice Award. What does this mean for the Xbox One? Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do if they want to impress their fans at E3.


If you want to watch the full IGN video showing the poll results for the Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4 competition click here.

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