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Microsoft Answers Rumors About the Xbox One

As we are moving towards E3 Microsoft has set it upon themselves to discuss some of the rumors that have been going around about the Xbox One. Thus, Microsoft released an Xbox One FAQ. They have confirmed some rumors and put an end to others, but at the same time they haven’t been very forthcoming with a lot of information.

Will the Xbox One require an “always on” internet connection?

No, the Xbox One doesn’t need to be connected to the internet at all times. Normal functions like games, watching TV, and the Blu-Ray drive won’t need to be connected to the internet to function. But, Microsoft is trying to provide an all-in-one entertainment system that is being powered by the cloud. In order for Microsoft to do this, it is recommended that the Xbox One be connected to the internet at all times.

Will I be able to transfer my Gamerscore and Gamertag to Xbox One?

Microsoft says yes. If you choose to, you get to keep your gamertag and Gamerscore as well as your achievements.

Will the Xbox One be backwards compatible with Xbox 360?

The answer is no. Because the software and hardware that has been implemented into the Xbox One is designed to support the new generation of gaming, the technology that the Xbox360 games offers isn’t compatible. Xbox 360 physical and digital games will not be compatible with the Xbox One.

Xbox One, not backwards compatible.

Xbox One, not backwards compatible.

Will the Xbox One work without the Kinect attached to it?

No, the Kinect needs to be connected to the Xbox One in order for the Xbox One to function properly.

Xbox One new Kinect.

Xbox One new Kinect.

Will I be able to let my friends borrow my games?

Short answer, it depends. Once the game is installed and linked to buyers Xbox Live account, if the buyer wanted to let their friend borrow the game, then they would encounter a problem. Because the game has already been installed and linked to one console and account, the user borrowing the game would have to pay a fee if they wanted to use the game.

Can other accounts on the same console play the same games?

Yes. The game is downloaded to the console itself, but it can be linked to the various accounts that are in that Xbox One.

How will this affect used games?

Microsoft has stated that there wouldn’t be a fee for used games. No other details have been heard.

Will Xbox Live be free?

Xbox Live, Not Free.

Xbox Live, Not Free.

No. Microsoft believes that the services that they are providing with the Xbox One are premier, its good quality entertainment. So yes, members are still going to have to pay for Xbox Live, how much is still undetermined.

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