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Best New Apps for Android – May 2013


There have been increasingly better new apps for Android lately, as more developers start treating it as a mature platform. Here are some of the best new apps for Android that have been recently released.



Swype used to be the most popular 3rd party Android keyboard apps, but because they’ve been offering it only as a beta and only on their website instead of the Google Play Store, other 3rd party apps have become a lot more popular since then, such as Swiftkey. But now Swype is available in the Play Store, and it’s one of the hot new Android apps that you should try, because it’s probably the best new app for Android that you can get right now.

FL Studio Mobile


Android is always criticized for having very few or poor quality music tools. That’s well deserved, and it’s as usual mainly Google’s fault because they haven’t fixed the audio latency issue in Android yet. On iOS audio latency is a lot smaller, which is why you see so many music tools on that platform. But now the popular FL Studio has arrived on Android, and with rumors that Android 4.3 will fix the audio latency, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Ninja SMS


Think of Ninja SMS as a “chat heads” (from Facebook Home) for your SMS messages. You get a pop-up everytime someone sends you a text message, even if you are in a different app. Some people liked this idea in Facebook Home, so if you did, too, you might like this.

Player FM


Player FM is a new podcasts app that helps you discover new podcasts, too, based on categories, channels or even specific topics. It’s one of the few podcasts apps with a Holo UI, so it’s beautiful, too.

Runtastic Road Bike


Runtastic makes some high quality sport and fitness tracking apps, and the Runtastic Road Bike app is no exception. The app will measure your cycling performance, and it tracks things such as calories, distance, time, speed, altitude and pace. It also suggests routes and offers maps to see where you’re going. Runtastic apps are always some of the best new apps for Android.

Beautiful Widgets


Beautiful Widgets is a very popular pack of widgets that help you customize your clock and weather widget however you want. The difference is that in the past it used to be a paid only app, but now you can also give it a try for free.



Twight is similar to the f.lux program for PC’s, and what it does is it filters the blue color on the screen, while giving it a warmer red tint, so it’s easier on the eyes, especially at night. It changes its color temperature based on the time of the day. If you’re having trouble sleeping while staying all night at the PC or on the phone, this might he helpful.

InCall Recorder


If you need a good and reliable app to record your conversations, you should give this one a try. InCall Recorder can automatically record your conversations and save them as quality MP3 files, so you can listen to them later. You can even send the files to your e-mail, Whatsapp or Dropbox apps.



Picvie is a  very interesting photo album app. It sees which pictures are similar (like taken in the same place), and puts them next to each other to make it easy to “tell a story” to your friends when you’re showing them the pictures. It also makes it easier to create albums on Facebook, since the pictures are already organized.

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner


Sometimes the performance of Android devices slows down, after using many different apps and leaving them in memory. Another problem is that apps don’t get completely uninstalled, and cache is left on the phone’s storage, wasting space. This app helps with both of those problems so it makes your phone run as fast as when you bought it.

These are some of the best new apps for Android, but you way want to take a look at the top Android apps for tablets.

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