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Google Announces Android 4.4 KitKat

Android KitKat

Yup, you have heard it right, the next version of Google mobile phone OS, Android v4.4 is gonna be called KitKat; the very same chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar that we have when we need a break. All this time we had been googling, Key Lime Pie, Key Lime Pie widgets, Android 5.0, etc just to find out, firstly, its a KitKat, and secondly we’ll have to wait much longer for Version 5.0 (and may be the Nexus 5 too but we could get a Nexus 4.4 for now)

Google has already licensed the name from Nestle and it is the first time that Google has chosen a very specific name, all other previous code names were pretty generic. And as far as we have heard its a no-money deal, and more of a cross-promotion one.

According to todays BBC Report, the company decided to call it KitKat because most people weren’t aware of what Key Lime Pie actually tastes like (yeah me too) and Kit-Kat is something many coders are fond of.

“One of the snacks that we keep in our kitchen for late-night coding are KitKats. And someone said: ‘Hey, why don’t we call the release KitKat?’

“We didn’t even know which company controlled the name, and we thought that [the choice] would be difficult. But then we thought well why not, and we decided to reach out to the Nestle folks.”

Mr Lagerling said he had made a “cold call” to the switchboard of Nestle’s UK advertising agency at the end of November to propose the tie-up.

The next day, the Swiss firm invited him to take part in a conference call. Nestle confirmed the deal just 24 hours later.

“Very frankly, we decided within an hour to say let’s do it,” Patrice Bula, Nestle’s marketing chief told the BBC.


According to the Android KitKat site, there are gonna be special Android branding Kit Kat bars that might give you chance to win some cool prizes like  Nexus 7 and Google Play credit. Also the website mentions in a small description “It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” So can we expect this Version to support much more no of devices, and even devices with lower configuration, or may be for much more products like watches, TVs, etc.

So who’s ready to Take a break, and have a Kit-Kat, oops Android Kit Kat ?

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