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BBM App for Android Gets Leaked in the Wild


Back in June, many of the BBM folks would have disappointed by the news of BBM not getting a slot of June rather than going for a late-September Release.  But some of the folks over BlackBerry OS have managed to pull up some screenshots of Blackberry for Android in the Wild, which has managed to pull up a storm among Android folks.

According to BlackBerry OS, which has obtained two of these screenshots, these screenshots are indeed from a real version of the app. From what the looks reveals, it looks like more of the BB10’s Blackberry App and the app looks most similar to the Blackberry  Hub for BB10. Just to be informed, these are the real screenshots taken away from the original Blackberry app for Android which is in pre-beta stage.


In a separate report, CrackBerry notes that BBM for Android states that the wheels are on its tracks, and as per as the schedule is going on, at the rate it will get a late-September release. No other details are available regarding the Blackberry Messenger app for Android now.

It would be very interesting to watch if the Blackberry for Android can perform in the Android platform or not. With the increase in cross-platform Messengers, it would be very tough for the BBM app to perform in the Android Market. Messengers like Whatsapp and latest in the market, WeChat and Line, have already gathered tons and tons of traffic towards them, which will make the competition for BB  much harder.

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