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Why Gaming Will Never Go Fully Digital


Digital game purchasing has become really popular in our age of gaming technology. Some people have even come to the question how much longer companies will come to produce physical copies of games. It also seems that more people will buy only digital copies of games and less people buy physical ones. But wouldn’t gaming go fully digital?

With the next generation consoles approaching, like the PS4 and the Xbox One for example, there are some main reasons why going fully digital would be kind of a hassle. Digital Games are supposed to provide convenience. Gamers can download many games, apps, or movies from the comfort of one’s own home. Even if you do not have a credit card to pay for the games, you could still get PSN cards or Xbox LIVE Points from amazon. You also do not have to wait because the codes also arrive digitally through e-mail. Heck, you can also pay digitally through services like Paypal.

But, the issue is still focused on the 2 main consoles coming out, the PS4 and the Xbox one. Why, some of you may ask? Well, the PS4 and the Xbox One‘s digital releases would take a higher amount of space because of the higher quality of their games. Recently the game “Killzone: Shadow Fall” was confirmed to be a whopping 50GB. Even with a super-fast internet connection, purchasing a physical copy would still be more advantageous because firstly, you can save loads of space, and secondly, it is really time efficient. But, it is also confirmed that the PS4 will have a really cool feature that allows them to play the game while it is downloading. Storage would still continue to be an issue, though.

For example, Sony designed the PSP Go, which had no physical UMD drive, and it did not work out well for Sony. Something about having only digital content seems to limit users. Some gamers prefer purchasing games physically. I personally love to be able to see a full collection of my games up on a shelf. It has that sort of satisfactory feeling to it.

Gaming works well for a variety of other options as well, for example PS Plus has so many users and still continues to excel.  Physical copies would still be here though, whether the offer games in-store or not, they will continue to offer physical copies online.

So which do you prefer? Physical or Digital titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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